App of the Month: Rafflecopter

Giveaways Made Crazy Simple

Rafflecopter selects dotCloud for the flexibility to integrate 3rd party tools and the power to scale instantly

After managing servers in-house it selected dotCloud for the ease with which it could get up and running and the fact that dotCloud would easily integrate with critical 3rd party services like AmazonS3 for backups, Cloudfront for CDN and MongoDB. It took half a day for Rafflecopter to set up its entire application on dotCloud. Once set-up, “I can scale at the drop of a hat” says Founder JR Patten.

 I love working with DotCloud. Not only can you keep your existing stack (only w/o the headaches of playing sysadmin), it’s trivial to experiment w/ new services and roll them into production when you’re ready. Couple that with dead-simple scaling (“dotcloud scale myapp:inifinity”), 0-downtime deployments (!), a robust infrastructure, and good support — you’ve got a little slice of developer paradise :D  – JR Patten, Founder


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About Rafflecopter

Rafflecopter is a web app that makes it crazy simple for online publishers to run giveaways and sweepstakes promotions on their blog or website. Rafflecopter allows you to embed an entry form on your site that incentivizes users to perform tasks in exchange for entires into a sweepstakes.

In the past year Rafflecopter has launched over 200,000 giveaways and processed over 100M entries on their platform. From smaller niche blogs to larger companies like MotorTrend and Epic Games, Rafflecopter handles promotions that net 150K+ entries/hour.