Customer of the Month: MLstate

MLstate introduces Opa – The Cloud Language

Building a Paas on dotCloud is great! We can focus on user functionality while knowing that security and reliability is taken care of – Henri Binztok, Founder MLstate

Next Generation of Web Application Development


Web application development today is painful. Countless hours need to be spent on database setup, configuring client-server communication, as well as other features that are not directly relevant to the user.

Opa changes all of that. It’s a completely new and intuitive language that was designed specifically for web development. Opa is a programing language combined with a web server, a database, and a distributed execution engine. This means that developers can write concise and elegant distributed web applications with no need for “glue code.” Additionally the Opa architecture provides unparalleled security, since all of its components are extremely tightly coupled leaving no holes for hackers to exploit.

Developing on dotCloud

Opa is built using the dotCloud services API (currently in Beta). The services API allows developers to create their own stacks be they particular flavors of existing languages such as PHP, or completely new languages such as Opa.

“We were tackling an extremely complex task. On the one hand we needed to build a new kind of web development platform that would make it easier for developers to create apps. On the other hand we needed to provide a platform that would run, scale and manage those apps as well as guarantee security and reliability. Because dotCloud runs anything and security and reliability come as a given, we were able to focus on building the best development platform in the world while leaving it up to dotCloud to power it.”-Henri Binsztok-Founder, MLState (the company behind

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