dotCloud gets Node.js support!

We kept you waiting for an insanely long time, but we sincerely hope it was well worth it: Node.js is available on dotCloud!

Let’s cut through the long speeches and get to the facts:

  • dotcloud deploy -t nodejs ramen.node - that’s what you need to type to deploy the new service;
  • 0.4.5 – that’s the Node.js version bundled into the nodejs service;
  • package.json or dotcloud_build.yml – that’s how you can define your dependencies;
  • NPM – that’s what we use to install the abovementioned dependencies;
  • crontab, ssh, postinstall scripts – that’s the standard goodies that come with all dotCloud services, and they are available with our Node.js service as well;
  • Daniel Gasienica – he’s the awesome guy who provided very useful feedback in the last stages of our Node.js service release;
  • the dotCloud Node.js documentation – it’s what you should read if you want more details, or don’t know how to get started with Node.js.

We don’t think we’ve ever seen so many feature requests, in such a short timespan, for the same thing. Node.js hackers, you are one persistent bunch! We salute you. Now please release our pet – Otto has never hurt anyone!

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