dotCloud to Host 2nd ever Ember.js Meetup on 3/27

We’re honored to host the SF-based Ember.js community at dotCloud headquarters on Tuesday, March 27th. Space is filling up fast so be sure to register for the event early.

At dotCloud we’re using Ember for several ambitious projects. We believe that developer productivity is a powerful force – and Ember is all about developer productivity. 

In the last month we’ve brought in two new software engineers, Yusuf and Joffrey, and asked them to get their hands dirty by jumping in to Ember.js. 
We wanted to answer the following questions:
  • How does Ember compare to JQuery in its ability to create sophisticated web apps? What are the tradeoffs inherent to using one over the other?
  • What tools can we develop to make Ember more adaptive to real time web apps?
Neither had used Ember in the past, but they’re bright guys and we figured they could handle it. And guess what? They nailed it.
So we asked them to share what they learned with the Ember.js community!
Yusuf Simonson
  • Ember developer since March 1, 2012
  • Presenting: Comparing Ember.js and JQuery across the same web app. 
We created two versions of the webapp: one using ember.js data, and one using vanilla jQuery. This allowed us to compare the versions and see where ember.js data saved us effort, and where it could be improved. In this talk, we’ll present our findings.
Joffrey Fuhrer
  • Ember developer since February 22, 2012
  • Presenting: Racer.js as a model store for Ember
Using Ember-specific features, mixins and observers, we are able to make an efficient interface between an Ember Array (or any sort of custom collection implementing the Mutable Enumerable interface) or a single Ember Object and the racer model, with changes propagated two-way.