PaaS Under the Hood eBook

This ebook from dotCloud about DIY PaaS is very interesting!” @nmerouze


Developers are always asking about the technologies that power dotCloud, partly because they are either in the middle of choosing a PaaS provider or contemplating building their own PaaS.

  • What technology stack does dotCloud use?
  • How is application isolation accomplished?
  • How does the platform handle data isolation?
  • How does dotCloud provide security and resiliency?
  • Is dotCloud an open source project?

We decided to write a series of blog posts to expose the essential technologies under the hood.  The first of five blog posts in the PaaS Under the Hood series have been compiled into one eBook, register for your own copy.

Overview of the eBook

Just to give you a sense of the complexity, tens of thousands of apps are constantly deployed and migrated onto the dotCloud platform. Every minute, millions of metrics are collected, aggregated and analyzed, and millions of HTTP requests are routed through the platform. We are lifting the covers off the hood and will be showing you the essential technologies such as Light Weight Virtualization (LXC), cgroups and other specific Linux kernel technologies.  We will also discuss our open source Hipache project which is the distributed proxy that powers dotCloud’s routing layer.

Happy reading and keep on hacking.